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IT consulting
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In the development of tailor-made digital transformation strategies, we apply our experience and technological expertise to make sure that systems not only meet current but also future requirements. For future-proof, sustainable and integrated solutions.

Tailored to your requirements
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Requirements workshop

In an initial phase, we get to learn your individual needs. Your system requirements take the top priority here. For the development of a procedural model, we offer a non-binding requirements workshop with our IREB specialists.

Status analysis

What are the tools and prerequisites?


What is the desired solution?


What criteria must the solution meet?


What solution / course of action is recommended for achieving the objective and fulfilling the requirements?

In 5 steps
to success



Status analysis of processes and tools, identification of pain points



Requirements engineering and creation of a requirements profile for the solution



Agile development of a tailored solution on the basis of standard software or individual integration into the system landscape



Testing an MVP and optimizing the initial solution



Change management, roll-out of the solution and scaling of the business model


Requirements management or requirements engineering is a decisive factor for successful system development and is part of the foundation on which all other disciplines are built. Our IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) trained specialists guarantee that planning and agile procedures are interlinked optimally.

Professional Scrum


Agility in development gives you the decisive advantage when it comes to implementing your solutions. In recent years, process models such as SCRUM have matured into a very successful framework for mapping IT projects, which in turn can help to neutralize typical factors that can threaten the success of complex IT projects. SCRUM is particularly well suited to projects with high complexity – a test-driven and behavior-based development, short release cycles, and retrospectives enable all project participants to review progress, react to changing requirements, and validate decisions in the project context at any time.

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